Transport it Organic, too.

Visiting my parents 6 weeks ago, my mom gave me a bag of strawberries for the road, not organic. They got pushed back in the fridge, and a few days ago I tossed them outside, not in the reg. compost, because they should have molded long ago.

This morning, they are STILL like perfect fruit, still saturated in preservative chemicals. When you EAT that, digestion is prevented in the whole mess of your meal. Your liver notices these preservatives in your blood and can’t have it interrupting the blood’s natural biological processes, so it filters it, with nowhere else to go. Eventually, the liver collects this embalming fluid and its own tissue begins to dry out, triggering all kinds of unnatural health issues due to impaired liver function.

“Organic” is not frivolous or designer food. It’s merely recognizing that if bacterias and molds won’t touch your berries, then it’s been poisoned beyond what’s safe to eat yourself. The grocer only cares about transportation and scanning bar codes, with NO CLUE about the rest. In fact, these strawberries win a grocer’s applause!

Organic is not just about how it’s grown, but treated for transport.

As for my mother, you know, it’s the thought that counts.

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