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The Skinny on Fat-Loss Diets

My client has a goal to lose weight and brought this flier with her.  It’s meals sold by a weight-loss outfit.  Let’s briefly analyze.

First, it’s all cooked foods.  The difference between a diet of cooked foods, and raw foods, is a topic whole books have covered, but let’s recognize that this company supports the concept of consuming mostly cooked foods.  However, the flier does suggest “adding vegetables” to some of their dishes, except the items arrive at the door FROZEN.  To heat, microwave.  Not many customers will add vegetables to a frozen microwave dish, will they?  And if they did, the microwave process distorts the molecular structure of the food itself.  Fresh vegetables become altered in a microwave into compounds not recognized by the human body.

Right off, it ain’t looking good.

Here is another way to look at this.  Our ancestors have been documented to have been vastly healthier than the general public living in 2013.  Skulls reveal perfect teeth formation (no need for braces) and thicker bones all around.  Now, America leads the planet in osteo-illnesses (bone loss), which in part, is due to a cooked, acid-forming diet, which draws alkaline stores from the bones.  Plus, our cells require a particular pH in order to draw oxygen and release their own metabolic wastes, and a person losing weight must likewise detoxify, as fats (storing poisons) are burned.  Now, poisons in an acidic body concentrate in the cells.  The lymphatic system grows sluggish (inner trash removal ducts), which for women, overlaps breast tissue.  Not good.

Another way to consider: Pile a barrel with food which people consumed across the planet from 200 years ago (no chemicals, wild plants and animals, all local meat, garden-grown, fermented, etc.).  Now, pile a barrel full of food sold in this brochure.  The contents appear to have no similarity.  The barrel of food consumed by our ancestors will have turned to soil within one season, while the barrel of concoctions from this 2013 brochure will very likely have remained intact as burgers and little pizzas.

How this translates, is that the human body is like a tree with its roots turned inward.  Our food must compost quickly into a form of soil.  That is how nutrition is taken into the digestive system.  This “weird food” literally cannot be turned into soil, therefore, it remains in the intestines and barely makes it into the blood.  (What does make it into the blood causes allergic reactions.)  Now, lacking nutrition, the body craves gratification, which is sugar.  Our ancestors consumed about 5 to 10 pounds of sugar annually, while we consume over 150 pounds of it on average.  In other words, we NEED sugar; they didn’t.

The digestive stages described above have been vastly oversimplified.  The question is, “How has an entire culture of humans grown into obesity in 2013?”  It’s due to a lack of nutrition from consuming foods which do not compost internally.  Thus, people eating this kind of “processed garbage food” sneak out and find sources of sugar for energy.  (They have to!)

But it’s not just sugar, but sometimes sugar-LESS.  This too, has been clinically proven to add weight.  Now the person is trapped into a cycle of ever-increasing WEAKNESS.  Plus, guilt.  Now they are susceptible to taking anti-depressants.  Anti-depressants do to the human body the same thing as a microwave oven does to food.  What this accomplishes is to create a harmony of vibration within the body.  Except, it’s adulterated.  Adulterated vibrations harmonize with all-types of diseases.  Thus, we see mushroom growth in statistics tracking cancer mortality, heart disease, diabetes, and digestive disorders within the past 50 years.

Food is a form of harmony.  We forget that the entire cosmos, where we live, is a harmony.  What syncs a person to harmony is the ingestion of soil and bacteria.  Bacteria establish harmony within the human system, like honey bees within a hive.  All this meat pictured in the brochure was raised on antibiotics (100%) and very likely contains added antibiotics for “safety” of transport.  Consuming it puts the consumer on a low dose of antibiotics.  This further impairs nutrient absorption.  And the cycle widens.  As the cycle widens, the person feels less and less in harmony.  Not knowing why, they bear down, consuming MORE of this bizarre food ordered from a brochure, with the achievement of minimal results because the whole thing is creepy at the core.

Now I’d like to say that one can simply change one’s diet and find improvement.  But, these foods get stored in the human tissue and must come out!  That requires YEARS of slowly extracting poisons from the cells.  That’s a whole another Blog topic.  Or you can read my book, Inside Poop: http://www.amazon.com/Inside-Poop-ebook/dp/B003PDMRK0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1359209059&sr=8-2&keywords=inside+poop+webb

Improvement begins today.  If not today, maybe tomorrow!  But you won’t find it ordering anything off this brochure.  I mean, you certainly can try.  My take is doubtful that it will ever work.  These foods are just too out-of-harmony with the basic cosmos and the nature of all things wild and desirable, which at the core, is you.

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