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Client with Migraines

It’s been noted that 10,000 hours practice is the benchmark for becoming an expert at anything.  Colon hygienists are a tiny, tiny slice of the general population, but are witness to a critical social element.  Plus, a colon hygienist is on the back-end of a feedback loop between a doctor and their patient.  In other words, we hear about the failures.  Consider too, that we hear details people would never tell their friends and family.  Who talks about their poop and who wants to listen?  I would also grant that colon hygienists have their failures, too.

Yet, sit for one 40-hour work week of colon cleansing listening to people’s stories and it will make a big impression.  What impression?  That our people are in crisis and our system has broken down.  Which system?  Take a moving picture of the story as I see it and run it backwards.  Poop isn’t coming out.  Why?  Medicine has impaired digestive organs as a side-effect.  Now there are multiple side-effects spinning off from the original side-effect, like fungal and bacterial imbalances, like the accumulated wastes released from the growth of these microorganisms passing into the blood, which have been identified as triggers to headaches.  Now other drugs are prescribed with other side-effects and these people might end up seeing a colon hygienist, but probably not; certainly less than one-percent clean their butts.  How did this person become so ill in the first place?

Back to the social system and 10,000 hours of listening to people:  food choices are different than any time in human history.  What are these foods and where do they come from?  The chicken wrapped in cellophane?  The ground pork?  The seemingly fresh-picked salad at the Wendy’s salad bar?  The doughnuts and the jelly filling.  We tend to view certain foods as good and certain ones as bad and we get it all wrong, partly because our information comes from mass media.

Our system now includes: food products, mass media, doctors and their patients and their drugs.  Where does the colon hygienist fit in?  As an observer.  A savvy colon hygienist, with 10,000 hours under his belt, can make other causal connections and bring it back to social feedback loops as a means toward broader learning and communication.  Anybody listening?

Here is one system loop:  farm – lethal farm chemicals – impaired farm products added to toxic rancher-products – manufactured into a bizarre food product – presented as natural – mildly poisons the consumer – leading to ill symptoms – leading to medical testing – leading to prescription(s) – leading to side-effects – leading to more ill symptoms not recognized as side-effects – leading to more medical testing – leading to additional prescriptions, ingested on top of various food-bourn chemicals – leading to general malaise – leading to commercials on television selling drugs designed to relieve malaise.

You get the idea.  Now I have started a blog (like so many bloggers).  I am just another social feedback loop.  And that’s all it is.  

But how many hours have YOU spent watching shit come out of people?  None.  How many hours has your doctor spent watching shit come out?  None.  So, this is what I bring to the table; ten thousand hours of experience compressed into a few paragraphs here and there.   Observations, man, observations!  S.




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